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Colours, NATI

Sat, February 13, 2016

12:00 am


COLOURS exists to provide mood, reflection, experience, discovery...COLOURS is to inspire.

COLOURS is the artistic collaboration of vocalist Kyle Tamo and drummer Morgan Alley. Introduced through associated musical projects, the two bonded over a priority to focus on nothing but art through music. Taking shape in 2012, both would settle on the beaches of Sarasota to create the enchanting musical experience known as COLOURS.

Diligence was important when presenting COLOURS. To give their music its proper respect and ability to speak for itself, Tamo and Alley released the first sounds of COLOURS through a series of music videos. This was to offer a platform for the band to be properly represented . Following the release of the music videos, COLOURS released an EP to continue the throttled exposure. With that EP, the band dialed in the sound and created a product for fans and opportunity for live shows.

"Having only two members in COLOURS offers us a unique and advantageous opportunity when creating," divulges Tamo. "When too many people are working on a creative project, often personal preferences and risk have to be diluted for compromise. We don't want to use the band as an opportunity for ourselves, so there is no message and no personal statement being projected. Our personal experience finds the most resonating growth comes with internal resolution, and we hope to offer our music as the catalyst to that."

COLOURS first single and video is the illuminating track "Monster." "In the literal sense, it deals with the things that go on in relationships. The symbolic representation of this "monster" however, is more about the demons and vices that follow and haunt us," says Alley behind COLOURS lead-off single.

COLOURS entered the studio in January 2015 to record their mesmerizing debut album, Ivory, with noteworthy producer Shaun Lopez ((††† Crosses, Lupe Fiasco, Deftones). Tamo explains the meaning behind the album's title, "The album name Ivory holds a specific meaning for us. Actual ivory has an amazingly intriguing juxtaposition. Between the status symbol and richness of it, to the barbaric brutality of harvesting it, comes a comparable cause and effect for the album."

Tipped as one of the "100 Bands You Need To Know" by Alternative Press, the 11 compositions featured on Ivory, COLOURS first official release, will be released on February 26, 2016.
Venue Information:
Rum Runners
178 Dundas Street
London, ON, N6A 1G7

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