Conveyor & Prophets

London Music Hall & SummerCamp Productions present..

Conveyor & Prophets

HIGH HOPES, The/Order, Safehaven

Tue, July 5, 2016

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Conveyor is a band. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, the band is composed of electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, voice, and the four members that manipulate these instruments in order to perform the songs. The body that comprises their work currently includes: a string of self-released EPs, a cassette, one full-length album, and a number of 7" singles. The music is best described as melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, predominantly major-key, and adequately fits under the categories of rock and pop, with additional associations, more or less strong, to related sub-genres
Raised from the wallows of Hamilton's suburban disgust, Prophets is revolting against the mainstream trends and shallow slam pieces in the only way they could be heard; a scream in your face and a middle finger to your materialistic god.

Prophets is combining genius melodic riffs with their aggressive and cathartic lyrics to prove to the world that they are worth being heard. With traceable influences to their Hamilton Hardcore forefathers these guys are making their hometown proud one breakdown at a time.

Watch out for these five young men as they take the music scene with no mercy. They may look like gentlemen but these boys are nothing short of SAVAGE.
High Hopes is a melodic pop-punk band from Moorhead, MN. The band formed during the summer in 2013 and is made up of former members from local bands; If I Ran the Zoo, Running on Empty, Deny the Truth and When We Crashed Pride. Their first full-length album was released in late 2013 on CD and digitally.
Venue Information:
Rum Runners
178 Dundas Street
London, ON, N6A 1G7

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