#TheLateShow: Tandem Eagle

#TheLateShow Presents..

#TheLateShow: Tandem Eagle

Ready The Prince, Uforia

Fri, July 29, 2016

10:00 pm

Tandem Eagle
Tandem Eagle's debut album, Tyrant Sun. The album chronicles grappling with failed relationships, examining the darker aspects of the ego and other light themes .

A cathartic release of many of these elements, set to a powerhouse musical backdrop that is Tandem Eagle.
Ready The Prince
We are 3 young head banging bastards from Toronto, with a sound so undeniably fresh and pure it will find whoever has your virginity, steal it, and give it right back to you.


Finding an authentic, unique voice is the aim of any good artist, a pursuit that Ready The Prince knows better than most young music makers. They refused to emerge from basements until they could rise to the surface with an innovative slant on the alternative rock sound. Their dedication is on full display throughout their performances as the belief in their preparation allows for the uninhibited flow of bona-fide passion. RTP is best described as the rugged rock sound of Arctic Monkeys and Muse clashing with the soulful melodies of Kings of Leon. They are on a mission to blaze the new path for rockers in search of originality and sincerity.
Venue Information:
Rum Runners
178 Dundas Street
London, ON, N6A 1G7

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