#TheLateShow: The Treble

London Music Hall & CHRW 94.9FM Present...

#TheLateShow: The Treble

Northern Saints, Old East

Fri, November 18, 2016

10:00 pm

This event is all ages

The Treble
Drinking whiskey from a can in a night club parking lot. A house party that saw the sun rise. An unexpected trip to LA. Bands' beginnings have been had in no stranger way. For The Treble, road trips and late night parties led to arena shows and cross-Canada tours – sometimes no plan is the best plan.

With a dark, casual, and confident alt-pop sound, The Treble mix strong melodies and anthemic harmonies with lyrics about friendship, travel and staving off the real world.

Having shared the stage with groups like Capital Cities, Dear Rouge, Hedley, The Lumineers, Francesco Yates, The Trews, and Down With Webster, a combination of friendship and an honest love of music have seen The Treble grow both their audience and their sound.

Songs from their first two independent EPs received unsolicited radio airplay, and saw the band do several cross country tours and play multiple international events.

Having recently completed their third EP with producer Rob Wells, the unreleased project gained industry attention and led to a recording contract with Cadence Music Group in conjunction with Fraser Hill (A&R Universal Canada)

"The past year has been about soul searching the past present and future of a project that has brought us further than we'd ever dreamed," says frontman and lead singer Mark Brusegard. "Our first album was about songwriting, our second about playing live. This one is is more of a combination. It's about who we've always been. It still has the same sense of urgency, but also settles down and appreciates the moment."

With their first single to be released summer 2016, the band are excited to be moving forward on a larger platform while staying true to their roots, original sound and message.


The Treble were originally formed in an unlikely circumstance when the end of a long night of having fun turned into an early morning of songwriting. "We found ourselves in a room playing music together, something we'd never all done before. When we realized everyone had left the party and we were still writing songs, that's when we knew we had something special."

The band, then consisting of Mark Brusegard, Graeme Woods, and Colin McTavish (vocals, guitar, Keyboard) played acoustic shows for a year before recording their first EP Shaking Hands and Taking Names.
Intending to release an acoustic album, producer Chris Burke-Gaffney quickly convinced them to go for a bigger sound. Before the album was finished the band had recruited old friend Patrick Hansen, and newcomer Dana Jerlo. "It clicked right away. They provided the push, drive and energy we needed to take things to another level, both musically and emotionally. We quickly went from being friends to band mates to feeling like brothers."

The band then played just about every show they could get their hands on before being invited to a showcase in LA that would eventually change their fortunes and see them signed to Ralph James and Adam Kreeft of United Talent Agency by the end of their first Canadian tour.

The Treble released their second EP, Northern Lights soon after to positive reviews. Songs "Boston" and "Northern Lights" both received Radio airplay in Canada and led to shows at Keloha Music Featival, Edgefest, and an appearance on national television on Canada AM.

A much needed rest would see The Treble take time to regroup and write their next record, which would eventually be produced by Rob Wells. Completed in Spring 2015, Modernaires would see plenty of music industry attention that would ultimately lead to a contract with Cadence Music Group. "We were committed to finding a release partner and doing things the right way this time around. It took longer than we may have liked, but we'd written the best music of our lives, and we wanted to find a deal that would let us release it in the right way."
Northern Saints
Venue Information:
Rum Runners
178 Dundas Street
London, ON, N6A 1G7

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