Looking for Canada Tour

Thu, February 9, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


This event is all ages

It was Bukowski that said, "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire." A band on the verge of releasing their 10th album can relate.

"Ashes from the flames,
the truth is what remains,
the truth is what you save, from the fire
and you fight for what you love,
don't matter if it hurts,
you find out what it's worth
and you let the rest burn."


"It's strange to make a record of light out of a really dark year." Foreman said with an exhale while leaning back in his chair in the kitchen of his studio in San Diego, CA "But the pain, the struggle… it's what defines us, makes us human- the wound is where the light shines through."

WHERE THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH (2016 Vangard/Concord), SWITCHFOOT's 10th studio album, is an old-soul, rock-n-roll record with new eyes. Built out of the dichotomy of what it means to be human, the album unapologetically dives into the big, honest questions of why we're here with a broad view of both darkness and light, pain and healing, church and state. The title track "Where The Light Shines Through" is a gospel song – an open palms altar call – bring your scars and abuse and bruises with you: "the wound is where the light shines through."

After 3 months in the studio with producer John Fields (The Beautiful Letdown & Nothing Is Sound), SWITCHFOOT is surfacing with their most focused album to date. It's a response to a world turned upside down: from the violence in Paris to the bloodshed in San Bernardino, from the the bi-partisan madness of America to the atrocities of Isis- this record is looking for light and hope in the very wound of our own human condition.

With their 10th studio album, SWITCHFOOT asks a question that few bands ever come to: "After nine albums together, what's worth holding on to and what's worth letting go?" Needless to say, only the most poignant songs survived the recording process. "We want these songs to be like a knife that cuts through the darkness," Foreman said. Even with the weighty themes of "The Day That I Found God" or "If The House Burns Down Tonight," the album maintains it's life, its light, its vibrant spark, concluding with the bold punctuation, "Hope is the Anthem."

With classic and soulful tones that reach back to an era of musical freedom and simplicity, "Where The Light Shines Through" shows the influence of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin & even The Band. While "Float" merges modern dance pop with a nod to the 70's, other songs just stand out like headlights as some of the best songs the band has written to date: "I Won't Let You go," "Live It Well," "The Day I found God" & "If The House Burns Down Tonight." True to form, SWITCHFOOT defies classification – refusing to sound like their contemporaries. The new record sounds both fresh and well-worn, wise and yet innocent: like songs that an old man buried and a younger man dug them up.

Throughout the album SWITCHFOOT is swinging for the fences with lyrics that poke at cultural boundaries, "Ain't we all just Abraham's sons? We're just sinners with a song and drums, We all fall on our knees and we bleed the same." SWITCHFOOT has been known to push the limits before, but "Looking for America" is perhaps the most daring stylistic departure SWITCHFOOT has ever reached for. Featuring Lecrae rapping throughout the song, SWITCHFOOT takes a bold look at what America means: "between the violence and entitlement, which nation do you serve?"

After the fire, after the hurricane, after nine albums together, SWITCHFOOT comes out of the desert wasteland with hope gleaming from their eyes, holding a cardboard sign that reads, "The Wound Is Where The Light Shines Through."
Relient K
GRAMMY nominated Relient K has been making records since 1997, when Matt Thiessen and Matt Hoopes formed the band in high school. In the 15+ years since, they've released six full-length albums (three are certified Gold), five EPs and a Christmas record, with over two and half million records sold, three RIAA Gold-certified albums and a highly dedicated fanbase. As a prolific songwriter, Relient K's frontman, Matt Thiessen, has paved a road with pop hits over the last four years including co-writing Owl City's 2012 summer hit "Good Time," Kelly Clarkson's "Long Shot" and the award-winning "When Can I See You Again" from the animated film Wreck-It Ralph.
Venue Information:
London Music Hall - CA
185 Queens Ave.
London, ON, N6A 1J1

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