One Bad Son

SummerCamp Productions presents..

One Bad Son

The Wild, Astoria, Rattlesnake Hotel

Wed, March 11, 2015

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

One Bad Son
One Bad Son
The spectrum of modern rock is typically split into two camps, with slick commercial chart-toppers on one side and flavour-of-the-month indie acts on the other. And then there's
Vancouver's One Bad Son: an honest to goodness rock 'n' roll band that occupies a world of its own, cutting through the bullshit with cranked up amps and a resolutely DIY approach to music

One Bad Son's reputation for tight musicianship and explosive, unscripted live shows spread through word of mouth, and before long, the group was playing to sold out venues in its hometown and embarking on a string of well-received national tours. This propelled the outfit to high-profile opening slots for Godsmack, Buckcherry and Default, and the singles "Rustbucket" and "Retribution Blues" received Canada-wide radio play.
The Wild
From Atlanta, GA, the WILD are a bunch of friends who love playing music and sharing in the DIY philosophy of music, art, and politics. This is what The WILD has to say about themselves...

'We are five friends having a great time playing music together... We all feel the best when we are traveling together and getting to see old friends, making new ones, jumping off of high things into water, and playing music every night. right now everybody lives all over the country.... We're from Atlanta, Lexington, Denver, Brooklyn, and Massachusetts... We write songs that are political and personal.'

What pine magazine had to say about the WILD:

'The celebratory storytelling and punk-folksy delivery of this four-piece makes you wonder how such clean guitars could get your body shaking so hard. The Wild are a lot of fun, and their approach, defiant in a Bob Dylan sort of way, should give kids everywhere the feeling that they can make a difference in the world, no matter how bad things get in the interim.'
It's not often that a local, unsigned band from western Massachusetts has much success outside their hometown, but for the four members of Astoria, it's quite the contrary. Touring all across New England, New York, and as far south as Virginia, Astoria is one of the hardest working bands in their region. Their fan base has grown and ticket sales have exploded, earning them shows with the likes of
All American Rejects, A Rocket to the Moon, Switchfoot, Jeremy Camp, TobyMac, Casting Crowns, Five Iron Frenzy, and many more.

Touring isn't the only thing on the agenda for the Springfield based quartet, comprised of Brian Kulas on drums, Mike Hines and Justin LaFontaine on guitars, and Matt Whitacre on bass and vocals. The coming months will see the release of their first full length album, which is currently being written and recorded. "I probably spend more hours working for Astoria than I do my 40 hour a week job" says Hines. "If we're not playing shows, we're sending out massive amount of emails booking them, and when we're not doing that we're practicing and tweaking the set list for the upcoming shows we have. Then just when you think you can take a breather, you get an idea for a song. Not wanting to miss any inspiration for the album, you spend hours writing it, perfecting it, and ultimately bringing it to the studio to make it permanent. Whether we're writing, recording, playing, or practicing, there's always something being done to improve the band on a daily basis."

Aside from the musical aspect of the band, the key component to Astoria's fan growth is communication. "You have to stay connected to every single fan you have" says Whitacre. "The only reason we exist and book shows is because we do our best to communicate with our fans. Not only are they the lifeblood of the band, but they are the motivation for going out there and doing what we do. We don't do it to glorify ourselves, we do it to connect with people, to build relationships, and for the chance to make a difference in someone's life. We're here to spread a message of the hope and love found in Jesus Christ, and every time we get to know a new fan, we're one step closer to doing so.

With an upcoming tour and a new album on the horizon, the future of Astoria looks bright. "We're not sure what the future has for us," says Hines, "but we're anxious to see what lies ahead." If their current track record is any indication of what's to come, then the steadfast work ethic and determination of Astoria can only solidify a successful future in today's music industry.
Venue Information:
London Music Hall - CA
185 Queens Ave.
London, ON, N6A 1J1

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